Sports Massage

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I assess - check your range and quality of movement, muscle muscle strength and weaknesses, your pain and advise on home-care exercises.

Everyone is treated individually according your objectives, needs and my assessments.

Sports Massage for sporting performance, by understanding your sport and the movement and muscles involved, I treat the soft tissues according to your training programme, using all hands-on therapy and stretching techniques and offering advice on strength, flexibility and rest were appropriate.

Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy is beneficial to manage new and old injuries and post-operation to help rehabilitation and also on-going condition management, e.g. low back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia. Treatment includes a full assessment, remedial massage to help treat and a rehabilitation programme of home-care exercises, stretches and massage.

Whatever your goals my aim is to work with you, understand your lifestyle and to treat and to start to unravel what could be causing your problem, to get you feeling your best and help you remain injury free. I am really passionate about communicating and educating you to develop your own body awareness and continue to help yourself.

Your need could be:

• Pre-event build-up, to support your training regime and enhance your sporting performance
• Post-event, to help restore the soft tissues and relieve post event aches (delayed on-set muscle soreness (DOMS))
• Body maintenance to support sporting, active and busy lifestyles to keep the body balanced, supple and strong
• Condition management, such as Arthritis, sciatica etc. as massage has proven to be very effective to relieve pain and aid the mobility of joints
• Rehabilitation from a muscle, tendon or ligament injury to restore normal function and movement, either from recent sporting activities or a build-up of a repetitive strain injury from your work or leisure activities (gardening, guitar playing?)
• Once in a while general de-stress massage, to relieve built up tension and encourage relaxation