Oncology Massage

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A hands-on massage treatment and is always a bespoke gentle treatment to offer comfort, relaxation and reduce tension, pain and anxiety and is adapted to suit your needs, the stage of your disease and your treatment.

The most effective benefit from applying massage therapy is its ability to reduce pain and it's psychological benefits of helping people feel good.  It provides human "touch"therapy!

Soft Tissue Massages are used by some NHS Trusts, MacMillan and local Hospices (including St Peter & St James) alongside conventional medical treatments.

The calm and soothing movements of massage therapy have a positive regulating influence on our nervous sytems and soft tissue's homeostasis and hence can achieve many important benefits:

Offers pain relief and relieves muscle soreness

Eases and increases pain free movement, which is important after any operation or reconstruction surgery

Increases relaxation, which is vital for healing, and encouraging deeper breathing 

Improves quality of sleep and hence increasing mental clarity

Increases up take of nutrition

Decreased chemo and radiotherapy

Improves effectiveness of medication, physical therapy and other medical procedures and can hence shorten hospital stays

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