Pregnancy & Post Natal

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Pregnancy Massage

As your pregnancy progresses your body adapts amazingly to carry your increasingly growing bump, and this can cause stress and tension to lower backs, feet, legs, neck etc.  These physical changes you cannot control however I can help you understand these changes, how they effect the our movement move and how the body compensates.  

My aim is to treat your soft tissue aches, pains, tension hotspots, alongside focusing on full body relaxation and time to recharge.   You can certainly make a difference to how you feel, your comfort and how you move to protect yourself and hence how you recover post-natally.

Post Natal Massage and Remedial Therapy
Birth (in whatever form) puts our bodies through a lot of physical and mental stress and now you have your gorgeous little one in your arms, sitting breast feeding, lifting up and down, pushing prams and all this can create aches and issues for weeks into months. Also there is the desire to regain your own fitness, strength and mobility, HOWEVER you are now moving in a slightly altered body to the one you originally grew into!

Post birth it is really important to give the body time to recover and alongside the important pelvic floor exercises you should also treat any muscles tension and pains created during and after your pregnancy so that they are not left to manifest and you do not leave your self with chronic issues in the future.

C-Section scar release. 

Do you feel your scar is dragging, is it tight, does it prevent you from standing up straight, are you able to move freely?  I treat the soft tissues above and below your C-section to release the tensions and restrictions of the scar.

Give yourself time to heal, you gain your well-being.

#ThisMumMoves - exercise pregnancy advice 

Post-Natal Running Guideline - an infographic based on the guidance for postnatal return to running produced by three physiotherapists has been aligned with the UK's Chief Medical Officer’s (CMO) physical activity guidelines.