Sports Massage & Deep Tissue

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Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Clinical Massage & Soft Tissue Therapy (essentially all the same treatment) uses a variety of advanced hands-on Massage and Myofascial techniques and it is suitable for EVERYONE.  

Everyone is treated individually according to your objectives, needs and my assessments.

Treatments are beneficial for:

Sports performance - massage aids optimum performance keeping the soft tissues supple, shortens recovery time and healing of recent injuries and ultimately reduce the risk of injury (or re-injury).  Supporting you to achieve your sporting endeavours and passions!

Injury, Healing, Rehab, Chronic Pain & Mobility restrictions - massage supports the soft tissue healing process, whether it is from a recent sports injury, accident (fall, whiplash etc.) or from a long-term battle and build-up of aches and pain (back, knee, shoulder, neck tension issues etc.). Supporting you to feel and move better and continue to do the things you love! 

Take control of chronic long-term pain, e.g. low back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia

Ease stress and tension - for your well-being!


Pregnancy and Post-Natally - Click for more details

Oncology Massage - to support health and well-being during and after Cancer treatment - Click here for more details

ASSESS by listening and understanding where your pain is, checking your range and quality of movement, muscle strength and weaknesses.  I like to understand your sport and training, or what your daily life demands and work are, where your pain or restrictions are and what you want to achieve. and start to unravel what could be causing your problem, to get you feeling your best and help you remain injury free.

TREAT using advanced hands-on Massage and a variety of other stretching & neuromuscular techniques (STR, PNF & MET) & Myofascial techniques.

Advise on REHAB home-care exercises. I can offer advice on strength, flexibility and rest were appropriate, treating according to your training programme for sporting performance.   I am really passionate about communicating and educating you to develop your own body awareness and continue to help yourself.