I am really pleased to show you some comments from my Clients:

Having had niggles with my neck for years, I attended treatment with Nicky and she knew exactly what to do. WIth her skilful expertise, gradually my neck improved which has hugely reduced stiffness and headaches. She is my go-to if I have any form of musculoskeletal injury and has also helped with my shoulder and knee. Her knowledge and skills are excellent and I wholeheartedly recommend her.
May '21.

I've seen Nicky many times over the years when my back pain occasionally flares up. I've been having restless nights and waking up with chronic lower back pain for the past few months. Nicky worked her magic and last night for the first time in so long, I slept through the night and woke up free from pain. Thanks so much Nicky!
January "21

After major cancer surgery, closely followed by a complicated bout of Covid, I visited Nicky to see if she could coax my battered self into some sort of shape. After four visits so far, I can happily report that progress is remarkable. Nicky is a very sympathetic and caring therapist who is keen to listen carefully to one’s description of symptoms. She then intuitively goes straight to the source of each problem, quickly bringing much needed improvement. Nicky’s touch is always gentle to start, but when needed, she will go on to use as much pressure as necessary. She is very attentive and will always respond to you if anything becomes too painful. Between therapy sessions, and if appropriate, exercises are provided to work on at home. I plan to keep visiting Nicky as I feel there is still a way to go with my rehabilitation. Beyond that, I expect to return from time to time for ongoing maintenance. I can only recommend Nicky if you have any aches and pains at all. Her knowledge of how the body works is exhaustive, her ability to heal is exceptional and I feel so much better already. Thank you Nicky!

Thanks Nicky - an excellent result. I have much more freedom of movement with my shoulder and consequently a great deal more confidence. This is exactly what I needed and is allowing me to really press on with the exercises that I have been prescribed.
I would expect some reaction overnight and tomorrow but at the moment my pain levels are much improved.

Over the last 2.5 years I have been experiencing severe back and chest pains. And during that time I have personally consulted with 11 different specialists (mainly from the NHS). The result was a big fat zero. Then I was recommended to see Nicky. I was informed that Nicky was a Myofascial Release Therapist. Not having a clue what it was, (science or art), I thought I would give it a go. But after two sessions, hey presto, I am almost back to normal. I shall gladly continue with the activity. I totally recommend this process to everyone and if you too are experiencing muscular pains, go see Nicky. Brilliant.

Thank you so much for today, I definitely feel more balanced and relaxed and really enjoyed the treatment.
Oct '21

Thank you so much for yesterday.. The constant pain I was suffering in my shoulder, arm and neck has decreased considerably and my neck feels more relaxed. I'm looking forward to coming to see you for further massage.
May '21

Having arthritis, I’ve been seeing Nicky for some months and feel these massages are invaluable in allowing me to keep doing the everyday things I enjoy. Nicky also provides additional help with targeted exercises which help between visits. Nicky is very professional and I would be happy to recommend her to others.
May '21

Nicky's work on my neck and back has been the most instrumental tool in taking me from living in constant worry of pain just around the corner, to feeling like “my old self”. Her holistic approach and deep knowledge of her field, meant that she had an immediate impact on the muscles around my spine, and after just 2 treatment sessions I feel so much better. She really listened to all of my medical history and took the time to assess me slowly and methodically, leaving no stone unturned. Despite now being pain free, I intend to carry on seeing Nicky regularly as the first port of call, alongside my physio and other treatment plans. I now know how important she is going to be to the ongoing management of both my AS disease and other muscular and mechanical issues. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Nicky to anyone, whether they just want invaluable support for a healthy fit body or someone with underlying medical issues that need some attention.

I am a longstanding client of Nicky’s and have had treatments for maintenance and for specific injuries.  Nicky takes time to listen to my issues and concerns and a treatment is often followed up with strengthening and/or mobilising exercises so that I can help myself between treatments.
Nicky is a very knowledgeable and professional therapist who cares about her clients and their progress.
Nov' 20

Thank you for the exercises that you sent to me. The treatment I received from you was very beneficial & has improved the pain that I had in my right Achilles tendon a great deal, thank you.
Oct '20

Having now had a number of sessions with Nicky, I continue to see an improved range of movement with my shoulder and upper arm. Everyday activities are becoming easier. Nicky is very professional and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. 
October '20

Had the most wonderful massage with Nicky. Super professional and very knowledgeable. Nicky really listened to my issues and I felt that she really understood what I needed. She gave me the most wonderful massage. It was certainly the most relaxed I had been all year. Thank you very much
NHS Employee Free Treatment
September '20

Had the most wonderful massage with Nicky. Super professional and very knowledgeable. Nicky really listened to my issues and I felt that she really understood what I needed. She gave me the most wonderful massage. It was certainly the most relaxed I had been all year. Thank you very much
NHS Employee Free Treatment
September '20

Nicky has been wonderful and really helped me loosen up in the areas I was having difficulty with. I received thoughtful exercises in between sessions and felt welcome and supported in her studio. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her and her wonderful therapy.
September '20

Nicky was great really good communication taking time to set up a zoom and go through my problems before I came. The massage was very beneficial to me as I felt considerably less pain in my legs after. Would recommend!
September '20

I have always found Nicky to be approachable, knowledgeable, professional and reassuring. She has treated my back/shoulder and also my knee and has given me exercises to do at home to alleviate further issues. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others!


September '20

Shoulder has been so much better since our last session. Thank you!
October '19

Thank you so much for your kindness and thorough expertise.
October '19

You did a fabulous job on my legs.  I've been stretching most days and managed to keep my calves flexible.
September '19

I recently had a the most wonderful treatment to release all the tension in my shoulders and neck and my middle back after a serious sporting injury it is just amazing the relief I have experienced by visiting Nicky Holbrook who specialises in the treatment of sports injuries and other
skeletal problems.  I can’t speak highly enough or recommend a true professional to help you.
March '19

Thank you very much for earlier. I have to say that I do feel different already!
I appreciate the exercises too and I certainly felt in safe hands, so thank you for your professionalism.
March '19

Just to say thanks so much for Wednesday - my back is SO much better - unreal.
Thanks again - you really helped me move with so much more ease and so much less stiffness/ discomfort. THANK YOU
February '19

Thanks so much for yesterday Nicky. I’m feeling fab and had such a good sleep last night.
February '19

I have had 2 of the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a long time since seeing you - no jaw aching and noticeably less teeth grinding!!
January '19

I've seen Nicky for a few different issues over the last 2 years, and she's always managed to get me back up and running very quickly. Her techniques are very effective.
July '18

Thought I would give you a 'post massage' report! I had no pain or stiffness post Friday and I felt really quite good! I was surprised as you did give my knotty bits a good sorting out.
I will definitely book again as I can feel the difference. Thank you very much!
March '18

C-section scar success!
I waited 2 years for my Caesarian scar to sort itself out before I contacted Nicky. My scar was still very sensitive and even small twists and turns would cause it to pull and be uncomfortable. I was very nervous about anything touching my scar but Nicky was very reassuring. I’ve had just 3 sessions and I can now move without feeling any discomfort and I no longer worry about anything touching the area around the scar. Nicky is a very gifted masseuse and I would not hesitate to recommend her.’
March '18

I saw Nicky recently feeling really stiff on my upper back and the top of shoulders for a few weeks. I had an hour session and within a couple of days felt so much better. I would thoroughly recommend her treatment.
December '17

I started seeing Nicky a few months ago due to some quite complex ongoing medical issues. The medical problems have left me with increased tone and spasm in my legs which makes even the simplest tasks like walking very difficult. This has had a detrimental effect on my quality of life and after trying physio, acupuncture and various other things I was getting little to no relief. I came across Nicky online and was intrigued to find out more about the fascia release technique she was practicing so I went along to try. This really was my last resort. I am pleased to say that after just a few sessions I was already feeling the benefit and the muscles in my legs had finally started to relax. After several months of seeing Nicky I am now in a position where I no longer need to go regularly but will go for maintenance when I feel them getting bad again. Nicky is professional, knowledgeable and really keen to help and make a difference. I just wish I had found her before as this technique has helped me no end when everything else failed. Thank you Nicky for all your support.
September '17

"Never under estimate the power of your hands and work, I feel almost normal today, thank you so very much, pain free and almost walking without limping"
September '17

My legs feel really good and light despite the warm weather, I can hardly feel that I ran 15 miles 2 days ago. My thigh is almost completely pain free too now. I just had a look at the exercises you suggested doing, I have never done the first one and I did one rather similar to the 2nd one when I was doing Pilates. I'll do them for a week and will let you know if a follow up session is needed.
July '17

Thanks very much, I really can feel a difference. I've been trying the new stretches, which feel good. The hamstring video was interesting when he talked about how other stretches don't really stretch the muscle itself.
November '16

Nicky has been doing some excellent sports massage work on me and is very knowledgeable and professional in her application.
I'm a yoga teacher and have experienced many forms of sports massage and physical rehabilitation over the years and Nicky is one of the best. I highly recommend her to my clients as I'm certain she will do a great job.
Sal Jefferies, Yoga Teacher and Integrative Mind & Body Coach
November '16

I have felt the benefit of the massages over the past a year (time flies) and I am very grateful for everything you have done, even the more painful stretches!
November '15

"Thank you so much for the advise I'll give that stretch a go! Also for the massage today it was really good"
May '15

“I was having problems with my shoulders, they used to ache quite a bit. After Nicky assessed me, she made me aware of my alignment and also my posture. Over a few months she worked on the areas and also gave my some exercises to do at home.
From taking Nicky's guidance I am now conscious of my posture and I know what exercises I can do if I find my shoulders become a bit tight. Nicky is very personable, welcoming and talks you through every stage. I would definitely recommend her as a therapist”
March 2015