Thursday, 27 February 2020

What is Sports Massage really?

We can ALL benefit

When I talk to most people about my business as a Sports Massage and Remedial Soft Tissue Therapist, some take a deep breath in and go on to tell me about how they once had a Sports Massage and it was very painful, but “no pain no gain!”, and similarly for those who have not experienced Sports Massage they associate it with a deep form of massage for sporty people that is a painful experience!

So, let’s ditch both of those ideas. Yes, Sports Massage is highly relevant for Sports professionals/amateurs AND it is very relevant for all of us who enjoy participating in sport and exercises to keep fit, happy and challenged. It is great for helping the healing process of sports injuries and maintaining healthy soft tissues to aid training and improve performance. But injuries happen for many reasons, not just from sporting incidents, and also to enjoy and maintain our daily life pursuits we all sometimes need “helping hands” to improve how we feel and relax.

So this makes Sports Massage relevant for anyone!

This brings me on to the “Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy” learning, qualification and experience that I have. With discussion and tests I assess to understand what could be causing your pain and tailoring a treatment plan to suit.

Remedial Therapy is corrective soft tissue treatment and to help ease acute (recent) and chronic (long-term) pain, along with advice on a home rehab exercise plan.

Many complaints can be eased:
Aiding the healing process from injuries, operations or medical treatments
Addressing postural adaptions resulting from injury, lifestyle, employment demands, RSI (repetitive strain injuries).

E.g. conditions such as sciatica carpel tunnel, stiff necks, headaches, sports injuries, fibromyalgia, jaw ache etc.

I hold additional qualifications in Massage for Pregnancy & Post-Natally, to ease the discomfort of Oncology treatment and operations and Myofascial Release.