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May 22 

May 22
Do compression socks actually work?

April Newsletter - The 3 P's - Pandiculation, Pregnancy & Post-Natal and Plantar Fasciitis

March 2022
Mother's Day SPECIAL OFFER - save £20

March 2022

January 2022
Skiing and snowboarding muscles and movement and Sports Massage

January 2022

Muscle Cramps/Spasms

September 2021
Importance of protein for muscle health

September 2021

June 2021

April 2021

April 2021

March 2021

Christmas Voucher for 2020
Christmas Gift Vouchers available

October 2020
The many benefits of strength training

August 2020
What are Muscle Knots?

June 2020
Re-opening hopes and the "Power of Touch"

May 2020
Stiffness on the sole of your feet in the morning? Plantar Fasciitis

April 2020
Cycling muscles nvolved in turning those cogs!

March 2020

Rrunning tips - how to stay injury free and increase your mileage

Business as Usual and importantly MOTHER'S DAY GIFT VOUCHERS

February 2020
What really is Sports Massage?

Christmas Vouchers now available
Christmas Vouchers
November '19

After completing my final exam, I am now qualified with an Advanced Clinical Diploma in Integrated Myofascial Therapy !! Yippee
November '19

March 2020
Running Tips to keep injury free and make great progress!

February 2020
What really is Sports Massage?

June 2019
Ankle mobility - key to many movements, walking, jumping, squatting

June 2019
Father's Day Gift Vouchers available

February 2019
Open Morning for people affected by a cancer diagnosis, Friday 1st and Wednesday 6th March 2019

January 2019
Skiing, Snowboarding - Sports Massage & preparing your muscles

15th November
Christmas Vouchers '18, £45 for 1 hour or £120 3 x 1 hour treatments

8th August 
I am very pleased to say I am now a qualified Oncology Massage Therapist!

12th June
How to Run Elastically - Practical Tips

8th June
Father's Day Gift Vouchers

17th May 
New - Head and Jaw Treatment for 30 minutes

5th March
Mother's Day Gift Vouchers

23rd November
Christmas Vouchers available, £40 for 1 hour and £105 for 3 hour sessions.

22nd September
Muscle knots what exactly are they?

10th July 2017
Many people don’t realise that even the smallest of scars can generate muscle and joint dysfunction, affecting fluidity of movement and stability and hence cause repetitive strain patterns due to incorrect loading of surrounding issues. The effect of scars isn't always obvious and with people suffering from seemingly unrelated symptoms and conditions.

Myofascial Release techniques can be used to reduce the effects and appearance of scar tissue (including the sometimes downward pull of C-section scars).

Read this article if you would like to know more about the effects of scarring on our 3D spider web like fascial network, which holds us internally altogether, and how Myofascial Release treats adhesions and restrictions of our body wide fascial network.  It is written by my Tutor and Founder of MFR UK, Ruth Duncan, Myofascial release for Scar Tissue

13th March
Soft Tissue Injury, what to look out for?

6th January 2017

Make balanced posture a habit!

7th November 2016
Myofascial Release Training

13th October 2016
Compression socks - to wear or not to wear them? What are the benefits?

6th July 2016
Running Elastically, Elastic Recoil- some interesting tips on how we can capture, store and release energy through our running stride?

13th April 2016
Cycling Muscles - they primary muscles used in the pedal stroke

18th January 2016
Why our muscles are sore 1- 2 days post exercise? and building muscle strength.

6th January 2016
Happy New Year. I am proud to sponsor our aspiring Rio 2016 athletes....

23rd October 2015
Nutrition Tips - to help Post Injury, Post Event and Post Natal

5th October 2015
Pre and Post Natal Massage? Ladies we all know that our bodies (muscles and skeleton) are put under immense duress and our bodies undergo a complete transformation in terms of their function. This can lead to soft tissue or joint discomfort and pain and I will be learning how massage therapy and bodywork can alleviate this. I am so excited.... and from next Monday 9th October I look forward to welcoming Ladies to benefit from this. Taking bookings now and..

**Special Discount 25% off 1 hour massage, so £30 for bookings made and taken in October **

15th September 2015
3 weeks, beginning of October, until I complete a course on Pre and Post Natal Massage with Jenny Burrell…/. Please let me know if this interests you or you have any queries on how this could benefit you.

15th July 2015
Back pain? Could your back pain be a sprain of the facet joints of the vertebrae? Read on for an explanation….

22nd June 2015
Squats, effective and efficient strength and conditioning exercise

2nd June 2015

Thought for the day - "Balanced posture must turn into a habit".

Muscle tone is muscle contraction/tension that we are not consciously aware of. Without muscle tone, our bodies would fall in a heap. Ultimately my goal with postural correction is firstly awareness and then to increase muscle tone in the muscles needed to maintain that correction and decrease muscle tone in muscles that oppose it. So we develop a balanced posture that we don't have to continually think about to maintain.

28th May
I am really chuffed to appear in the local village magazine, Lindfield Life, check out this link in the June edition, page 8, "Sports Massage Therapist in Lindfield"

14th May
Running? Hip Pain? Help?

26th April 2015
Amazing and Inspirational day supporting Cancer Research's London Marathon runners.....

21st April 2015
Supporting the London Marathon with Cancer Research this Sunday, good luck and happy running everyone!

14th April 2015
Amazing - 12 years ago today Paula Radcliffe set the women's marathon record in London